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So anxious to pour my next metal piece. Im interested to see how the TNT barrel will form; I sure as hell sprued it up enough to make sure that the metal gets everywhere that it is needed. 2 more days
On top of that, I still have a couple rings I'd like to get finished by next friday
I've got the TNT barrel all sprued up and is ready to invest. It will most likely be burned out over the weekend and will be ready to pour on Monday =)
An extra bit of good news is that I also received my silver and ring wax in the mail today and will be able to start carving rings tomorrow! I'm super stoked to begin making jewelry with the skills that I have acquired over the past year
I've been getting screwed over a lot lately with material shortages, one on one time with our teacher, and actually being able to cast my new project. The class I'm in is so large that the local art stores were bought out of all supplies I needed to make a mold for my project first off, I sit on the other side of the classroom which my teacher always goes to last whenever she is going around to students giving advise, and also since the class is so large materials are in short supply for making the molds even if you have the materials; I have my molds made right now and they are in the oven waiting to be poured tomorrow (it would have been tonight were it not for some BFA show at our school). 
It's just one thing after another here and it's really pissing me off. On the bright side however, We started our 3rd project for the year officially today and will be able to start work on that immediately. =)
The first week of my life being 24 years old has been filled with nothing but dismay; it has been a Murphy's Law kind of week for me.
First the corrupted flash drive which obliterated everything I had worked on this semester and then turned the drive itself into a miniature brick. Then my computer's battery always being dead at inappropriate times. A bad phone SD card. was late for work yesterday by two hours (luckily i didn't get in trouble since the manager also was late to work by a considerable amount of time). Hit every redlight known to mankind on my way to work yesterday and today. And to top things off, tonight I find out that the engine mount for my car had sheared off sometime in the recent past and the pulley for my drive belt has been digging into the frame of my car and that's what's been holding my engine in place. Suffice to say, it's not doing any driving until that is fixed.
It's been one thing after another this week and it's devastated my morale.
The computers at school corrupted yet another flash drive D=
Bought a few stones to set in silver rings for one of my next casting projects =)
I think I'll try and make the barbarian from Clash of Clans brom cast brass. That'd be super cool.  Maybe if I have enough time I could make a chess set out of the pieces that i make (lofty dreams).
Im going to use some halo megablocks figures for one of my casting assignments. They will be melted in the process of creating the mold in which I will have molten bronze poured. One the plus side, I will have tiny bronze spartan figures lolz
Go to :icondahub: dAhub if you want to earn some points. It's super simple to do and it'll allow you to expand your watch list of great art
Depending on how my metalsmithing class goes this semester I am going to try and cast a bronze statue of a Halo spartan. =)
:icondahub: will hook ya up if ya need some
Forgot to convert to a jpeg so i could upload it =(
Im starting to learn how to make gifs with pixel art.

Bought the program Pickle Pixel editing and am starting to meddle my way through making stuff
Thank you dAhub for helping me reach other deviants and giving me the chance to earn some points
Finally starting to see some noteworthy progress in my classes this semester. It isn't quite picture worthy at the moment, but it is definitely on the way =)
let the fun begin. Taking a graphic design class and a metals class. Will post new images as they become available in the future
I wish i could take pictures of the moon tonight. If only my camera didn't disappear earlier this summer
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I know you're there, lurking in the shadows. Visitors section shows nobody having had been there, yet pageviews keep going up. Crafty ninjas
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Summer has me in a rather non motivated mood for some reason.
With the kilns being unloaded this weekend and tomorrow, I'll be able to gather up all my work that i haven't shot yet and upload it soon =D